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Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash...

JustForex, an international broker, has just made an announcement stating that it has adopted ne...

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will soon be accepted as payment alternatives at JustForex | StreetCurrencies

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will soon be accepted as payment alternatives at JustForex | StreetCurrencies

JustForex, an international broker, has just made an announcement stating that it has adopted new payment methods in response to the desires of its clients and the most recent trends in the industry. 

JustForex began implementing additional payment options for traders and partners on its website in August of 2018.

These new payment methods included Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and the possibility of making commission-free deposits at local banks in Vietnam and Thailand.

Transactions utilizing cryptocurrencies have been making tremendous strides in popularity, particularly among monetary establishments, financial technology businesses, investors, business owners, and individual consumers. 

Both the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash tokens have demonstrated their value in the cryptocurrency market, which resulted in increased interest from financial market investors.

Many clients find that it is much easier to conduct transactions utilizing these cryptocurrencies so that they may avoid wasting money and time on the process of currency conversion. 

As a result, the JustForex team came to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to make Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments available on its trading platform.

When funds are added to an account using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, there is no commission assessed by the exchange.

In the meanwhile, the staff of the firm has some encouraging information for people living in Vietnam and Thailand.

JustForex is pleased to announce that beginning immediately, customers in Vietnam and Thailand will be able to use their national banks to make deposits and withdrawals from their accounts. 

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On the JustForex online platform, the transactions are processed promptly and there is no commission charged.New customers as well as existing ones can start using the new payment options as of right now.

Introduction of JustForex

Identifying JustForex, a global leader among Forex brokers. Trading (50+ pairs), (400+ CFDs), and (10,000+ digital currencies) are all possible with JustForex, as are the full benefits of all the cool features.

JustForex, a revolutionary Forex brokerage based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is becoming one of a kind as an online Forex trading broker.

As it has gained a HUGE number of users compared to other foreign exchange brokers in just 10 years.

Some serious numbers if you ask us! 

Moving on, the company was formed back in 2012 when online trading wasn't as popular as in recent days due to the lack of the availability of technology.

However, JustForex which is officially a part of JF Global Limited accepts clients from more than 197 countries across the trading sphere except for the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. 

Though JustForex is not a typical tightly regulated brokerage company, it's been operating as a trusted brand for almost a decade now. The broker holds a registration from FSA ( Financial Services Authority ). 


JF renders an ultra-wide range of trading instruments to its users as they are committed that way to providing all the possible trading assets to the retail market traders.

And in order to execute that initiative properly, they are giving access to: 

Forex: More than 65 currency pairs including the exotic, major, and minor ones. 

Crypto: Upto 7 crypto assets are eligible to trade including BTC, ETH, and XRP.

Futures: More than 25 Futures are available to trade including NAS100 and Crude Oil Brent. 

Index: You'll be able to trade on 11 indices including S&P 500, FTSE 100. 

Metals: Availability of precious metals including gold and silver. 

Energies: You'll be able to trade on energies like Brent crude oil and WTI Light Crude Oil.

Stocks: Upto 65 major shares available including Apple, Facebook, Hilton Worldwide.


JustForex which is officially a part of JF Global Limited is a typical Forex brokerage if it comes to regulation.

In other words, JF is an unregulated broker registered as an International Business Company with St. Vincent and the Grenadines under FSA (Financial Services Authority ). 

It wasn't always like this, though! 

Before 2017 JF had been operating as a regulated broker with regulation from one of the tightest regulatory bodies which is known as IFSC in Belize. So, what really broke down? 

We are also in the dark when it comes to this but there's nothing to worry about as the company doesn't like to compromise especially with their security status.

Besides, JF is also providing negative balance protection along with the client's fund protection protocol. 

Therefore, you're good to go.


Trading platforms are probably one of the major factors that have the ability to convince any trader to join a particular broker.

As a reason, if the trading platform doesn't provide a massive catch, then it's just like the other "B" graded brokerage companies.

Hold on a bit, JF gets that part more than anyone! 

Bearing that in mind, the broker offers two of the widely considered trading platforms across the trading sphere and which are none other than, The classic MetaTrader 4 And the more technologically advanced MetaTrader 5. 

So, you get the idea! 

When it comes to MetaTrader 4 trading platforms, there's no doubt that it is probably the industry-leading trading platform of the current time.  

Besides that, the platform provides more than 9 timeframes, 30+ inbuilt technical indicators, multi-chart functionality, automated trading, and much more!

Also, to deliver a more flawless trading environment JustForex has launched another particular server for MT4 which is called JustForex Live2.  

Moving on, the MetaTrader 5 platform provided by JF is more like an enhanced version of its predecessor, MT4.  

However, it's HEAVILY packed with remarkable features, including more than 44 trading graphs, 38+ technical indicators, 21 timeframes, built-in market widgets, one-click trading, an economic calendar, and much more

Mobile Trading

If it comes to owning a top-notch mobile trading platform, you'll probably be disappointed. Why? 

The primary reason might be that the brokerage doesn't own a particular mobile trading app of its own. However, there's a catch! 

You can manually connect the MetaTrader mobile app with JustForex's live server and enjoy flawless trading. As we all know, 

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The MetaTrader mobile app is enriched with numerous functions, including vast timeframes, inbuilt indicators, an economic calendar, technical charts, and much more! 

Moreover, they have a lot of happy clients with positive market feedback.

JustForex is a competitive marketplace for traders. To calm your fears, have a look at the JustForex Review 2022.

I pray that everyone has prosperous trading.