Which is the famous compa...

For the investor, the most difficult part before starting an investment journey is selecting a c...

Which is the famous company in Pakistan? [Updated list]

Which is the famous company in Pakistan? [Updated list]

For the investor, the most difficult part before starting an investment journey is selecting a company.

Because if the company isn't good enough, your investment will be wasted. So undoubtedly, it is a crucial thing to take under consideration.

Finding the best investment companies as a Pakistani investor can be a difficult process. But you need not worry about it, we’ve got you covered with the best investment company list in Pakistan.

1. Pak Kuwait Investment Company

Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company (Private) Limited (PKIC) is Pakistan’s leading Development Financial Institution (DFI) engaged in investment and development banking activities in Pakistan.

PKIC was established as a joint venture between the Governments of Pakistan and Kuwait in 1979. The Company initiated operations with a paid-up capital of PKR 62.50 million.

Over the years, paid-up capital increased to PKR 10 billion, while currently, the total equity stands at PKR 37.72 billion, reflecting the company’s impressive performance since its inception.


  • Loan

  • Mutual funds

  • Investment

2. Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited (PMIC)

Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited (PMIC) is a national-level apex institution for microfinance providers in the country.

PMIC was established as an important pillar of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy formulated by the Government of Pakistan in May 2015.

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Karandaaz Pakistan (KRN) and KfW Development Bank created PMIC – a partnership driven by a passion for progress and a commitment to serving Pakistanis at the bottom of the pyramid.


  • News & Events

  • Publications

  • Financials & Credit Ratings

3. Pak Brunei Investment Company.

Pak Brunei Investment Company is an Investment Finance Company established as a joint venture between the Government of Pakistan and Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) that commenced operations in August 2007.

The Company has active platforms for Project and Lease Finance, Corporate Finance & Advisory Services, SME Finance, Private Equity and Fund Management.


  • Advisory Group

  • SME Group

  • Corporate Banking

  • Treasury

  • Capital Market

  • Islamic Fund Management

4. Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP)

Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP) is the trade body for Pakistan’s multi-billion rupees asset management industry. Our members manage the money in various investment vehicles,

including stocks, bonds, money market instruments, government securities and bank deposits. Our role is to ensure transparency, high ethical conduct and growth of the mutual fund industry.


  • Performance Summary

  • Asset Under Management

  • Sales Redemption

  • Expense Ratio

  • NAVs and Sales Load

  • Mutual Funds – Payout

5. FundShop

FundShop is an Investment Solutions and Private Wealth Management Firm specializing in mutual funds, pension funds, government & corporate bonds and life insurance.

We engage corporations, provident funds, trusts and high-net-worth individuals and provide organized information on the various avenues available for investment; upon mobilization of funds, we facilitate them through each step.


  • Mutual Funds

  • Pension Schemes & Retirement Plans

  • Shariah Compliant Investments

  • Tax Saving Plans

  • Risk Tolerance Assessments

6. PAΪR Investment Co.Ltd.

PAIR Investment Company Limited (PICL) is a Joint Venture Investment Company formed due to an agreement between the Governments of Pakistan and Iran.PICL came into existence in 2007 as a company

operating in Pakistan and registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. It is classified as a “Development Finance Institution” (DFI) under the regulatory control of the State Bank of Pakistan.


  • Treasury Unit

  • CIBG

  • Risk Management Unit

  • SME Unit

  • Certificate Of Investments

7. Merchant Investments (Private) Limited

Merchant Investments (Private) Limited originated in October 1957 when the late Mr Kurban Ali Merchant acquired membership in Karachi Stock Exchange from

Late Mr Amir Ali Fancy – one of the founders of Karachi Stock Exchange in 1947 and one of the leading industrialists and bankers of the country at that time.


  • Statutory Auditor

  • Net Capital Balance Auditor

  • Net Capital Balance

  • Financial Statements

  • Liquid Capital

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I think this article will help you to find the best company to invest in. I'm finishing this article wishing you all a good investing experience.

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